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Hi, All I am Dany aka Dany D Funk. am 48 this year and only 21 @ Heart. I have been hooked on Dance Music Since the Late 80's. Back then I used to Booth Ride and Dance the Night Away.
As Music Evolved I stagnated with my Classic House 87/91. For me In Late 1990 The music evolved and split Acid House UK House @ 120BPM and Hardcore @ 140/160BPM at this Point I left England and Started to Travel the world Starting with a full tour of Europe. House music Either Did Not Exist or was in its Infant stage and I felt like I was Back In my Comfort Zone. After 5 years Away I return to England to find JUNGLE had taken over the UK in a big way, I was angry I tried a few event but The Unity Had gone I looked to the Dancefloor each time hoping, No Expecting to see Every single Person jumping to the Beat at the exact same time Unity. Instead what I see was Lot's of people Standing in the shadows Making fun of the people on the dance floor. " LOOK @ THAT IDIOT" I could hear them say but when I looked at the Individual They seemed to me to be having an amzing time. I mean If I paid to get in and all i did all night was pick on a stranger to make me feel better. I think i would Prefer to be the guy Enjoying the Night. Get Lost in the Music follow the Rabbit Down His Hole.


I like Hypnotic Beats, The more Hyptnotic the Better. Down The Rabbit's Hole, We Go.

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