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Been a DJ from my early teens. Never had formal training or DJ schooling of any kind. I basically saved up as much money as I could to buy the cheapest belt drive turntables in the market at the time. Saving at that age was difficult, so I had to splice the wires from both turntables and twist them together so I could hear both turntable output coming out of the receiver and speakers. As I got older, I was able to work and go to school and save up for my first pair of Technics 1200's and a Numark Mixer and soon after that I started a DJ company partnership with my best friend at the time. It was called "Magic Moments" and the rest was history. I also have a Mixcrate page:

and my soundcloud is:


My passion of music growing up was Freestyle (Latin Freestyle). Artists such as The Covergirls, Stevie B, Lil Suzy etc. In the 90's I loved Euro music such as La Bouche, DJ Company and Ice MC. Now I love Electronic Dance Music and Dance versions for today's Top 40 Hits.


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