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DJ Rambo is a 20 year old young man. From Glasgow. Who is the best there is. He is very talented in what he does. He plays music to everyone and anyone. He Also Play's the Keyboard/Piano. You name a song. He will think of it/learn it. And play it!. And he has a habit of dancing a lot. With many people watching him for the joy of entertainment... DJ Rambo Started in 2012. Where he was introduced to Virtual DJ by a friend. He never knew it fully at the time. Was still learning. He had got a lot of advice though. He had started mixing a few tracks. with help from friends online. and youtube tutorials. and said "i'm gonna continue this. its really fun!" So he did. By 2013/2014 He created his own radio station. And was playing the music to anyone he knew from facebook or in his local area. By 2015 he stopped radio. And decided to do something different. He takes his time to entertain his fellow followers on facebook live. Playing all the best tunes to make them all dance. Whatever they ask for. He has it! He is just one of those DJ's you will start to love. He is honored here (Even doubted his inactivity, Sure he will pick a random day and spin the decks at VDJ Radio, Be sure to check this DJ OUT!


He will give you it all. from Dance/EDM. To the Classics. Around to the House/Disco/Boogie. And even the Trance/Electro! He has it all! Any other style you have for him. Can be suggested via his media below!


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