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nice nice... hope all goes well ;-)

Coya is a happy, cuddly and excitable 8.5 year old Doberman. He has a very loving mama who is willing to do anything to save him. After his leg started to swell uncontrollably, I took him to the local vet. After determining they did not have the equipment or technology to properly diagnose his condition I took him to the vet school in St. Hyacinthe, Quebec. This was a very costly trip and exhausted my financial resources. It was worth it. He was diagnosed with Atrialvenious fistulas (among other things; Von wilderburn, Wobblers syndrome and a heart murmur). While the other conditions are manageable, Atrialvenious Fistulas are not without medical intervention. The only qualified surgeon for Coya is Dr. Weiss located in New York. Without surgery Coya may lose his leg and possibly others. This procedure will also create new documentation for any other animals who may develop this disease in the future. Only one other case study exists where a German Shepard was born with this condition. Atrialvenious fistulas are when the blood pumps from his heart down his arteries, then through the capillaries then back out the veins, back to the heart and then the toxins are distributed to the liver and other organs to detoxify. While the blood is circulating through the capillaries it provides nutrients and fuel for the tissues and muscles and collects toxins. Coya's condition causes the blood to skip the capillaries altogether and the blood goes straight from arteries to the veins. This gofundme page is to help cover the cost of the vet bills (tests, surgery, medications and overnight stays) which have already exceeded $8,000, hotel stay (possibly 7 days or longer) car rental, gas, food, passports, and other travel expenses. Please donate. Anything will help. As you can imagine the risk of amputation at Coya age, the devasting phsycolgical effects, the cost of physical therapy, prosethtic, ongoing treatments, initial around the clock care, combined with his bleeding disorder, please know that THIS would not be the best course of action in his particular situation. Also the uncertainty of if this will affect his other legs, amputation is out of question. Help Coya save his leg! If your pets are family please donate. Anything would be immensely appreciated!

que lindo cachorro vc tem gata

Thank you. He's my lil' pony. I have 2 cats.

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